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Maintenance steps
  Step 1: Remove Balls From Tray Or Bucket  
  Step 2: Loosen Wing Nuts  
  Step 3: Remove Robot Body  
  Step 4: Remove Clear Front Cover  
  Step 5: Remove Balls From Inside Robot  
  Step 6: Clean Ball Feed Back Panel, BF Dust-Free Pickup Finger And BF Collector             Plate  
  Step 7: Sprinkle /Spray A Little Robot Use Only Wax Or The Similar Products Such
            As The Furniture-Made Polish Wax Or "Bilizhu"(a kind of wax) Etc, Then
            Use A Dry Section Of Cloth To Lightly Dry It Off.
  Step 8: Clean The Ball Return Tray And Center Through Or Ball Bucket To Wipe Off
            The Dirt With A Damp Cloth. When It Is Dry, Spinkle A Little Robot Use
            Only Wax ,Then Use A Dry Section Of Cloth To Lightly Dry It Off.
  Step 9: Reattach The Clear Front Cover. Reattach The Robot Body,Making Sure
            That It Fits Fully Down On The Locating Tab Of The Center Through Or Ball
  Step 10: Be Sure To Wash And Dry The Dirty Balls Before Using Them With The
  Warning: This Maintenance Should Be Made Once Two To Three Weeks According
              To The Surroundings.

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