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  Set Up  
    Quick Set-up For Robo-Pong 2040
  Operating Introduction  
    Adjustment of the Control Box
    Ball Trajectory
    Ball Spin
    Oscillation Range
    Ball Size Switches
    Positioning Your Robot And Control Boxes
    Maintenance Steps
  Troubleshooting more...
    The main reasons for the Robot troubles?
    Why should I wash and dry off the new balls before being used with
           the Robot?
    Why should I wash the balls that being used with the Robot            periodically?
    How to deal with the distortioned and trampled balls?
    Why the new bought Robot make an abnormal sound  while
           shooting and the sound is very noisy?
    Why Robot picks up balls, but balls just fall out of discharge
           opening instead of shooting out?
  Exploded Views of Robo-Pong Robot more...
    Parts list for Robot Body
    Parts list for net assembly
    Testing Ball Feed Channel for restrictions
    Oscillator Gears & Motor Assembly
    Oscillator Mechanism To Housing

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