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Change the Ball Size Switches from 38mm to 40mm
1. Setting Switches For 38mm Balls.
To set the switches for 38mm balls, hold the head steady with one hand while pulling the switch forward with your other hand
until the switch snaps into the "38" position. Repeat on the other side of the head.
2. Setting Switches For 40mm Balls.
To set the switches for 40mm balls, turn power off and rotate the robot head so that "Topspin" is at the the top of the discharge hole.
Insert your thumb into the hole and press down on the rubber Friction Block just inside the opening. With your other hand,press the Ball Size Switches backward to "40" while continuing to depress the Friction Block. Repeat on the other side.
3. Remove Balls From Tray Or Bucket.
The following steps are necessary whenever changing from one ball size to the other. First, remove all balls from the Bucket (540 or 1040) or Trays (2040) and place them in a box where they will not get mixed in with balls of the other size. Then disconnect the Connector Cable from the back of the robot.
4. Loosen Wing Nuts
Loosen the two Wing Nuts that hold your robot body onto the Ball Bucket or Center Through. Rotate the black, rectangular Clip Washers 180 degrees.
5. Remove Robot Body.
Pull straight up on the robot body to remove it from the Ball Bucket or Center Through.
6. Remove Clear Front Cover.
Place the robot body on your table. Pull the Clear Front Cover off by squeezing on the circular fingerholds on the sides of the cover with your thumb and forefinger, and then pulling up while squeezing. Pull the cover loose first at the top and then at the bottom.
7. Remove Balls From Inside Robot
Remove all balls from inside the robot and place in the box with the other balls of the same size. Also gather up any balls that are on the floor or lying around loose in the playing area and place them inside the box too.
8. Reattach Robot Body.
Reattach the Clear Front Cover. Reattach the robot body, making sure that it fits fully down on the locating tab of the Center Through or Ball Bucket. Finally, re-tighten the Wing Nuts.
9. Final Procedures.
Place balls of the other size in the Ball Bucket or Ball Trays. Select the proper setting for both Ball Size Switches. Reconnect the Connector Cable. Turn power back on and you're ready to play.
1 You must use all 38mm balls or all 40mm balls at one time. Do not mix ball sizes.
2 Be sure BOTH switches are set to the same size.
3 When swapping out ball sizes, remoue all balls from the robot, including the ones inside the machine and those lying around the playing area, before re-loading the other-sized balls.
4 Immediately after adjusting the switch, depress and then release the Friction Block 2-3 times so it re-seats itself properly.
5 Be sure to wash and dry new balls before using them with the robot. (New balls can cause multiple problems until they become "slick").
6 When switched to "40", if a 38mm ball gets mixed in with the 40mm balls, the 38mm ball will be ejected with very little forward speed.
7 When switched to "38", if a 40mm ball gets mixed in with the 38mm balls, the 40mm ball will either jam inside the robot's head or be ejected with an irregular trajectory. Damage may result.

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